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Power File Search is a utility for searching files and folders
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3 December 2010

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As we keep using our computer systems, we keep accumulating a huge amount of data in them and quite often we also fail to logically arrange our data. Quite expectedly at times when we have large number of files we find it difficult to search for them as it is a time consuming process. There standard search function in present in most systems tends to work at a slow speed or many a times even fail to locate the files that we want and come up with the wrong files. To remove such issues we need to look at software that can work really fast and is also easy to use and Power File Search 2.1 application comes across as just the right choice for our needs. The utility boasts of having a sophisticated search engine that can dig out your files in quick time.

The interface of Power File Search is well organized and all the important options are arranged at the top and at the right and is simple to handle. This software has some interesting features and works with great pace almost three times faster than the programs fitted in computers and can find the files that you need instantly. With this appliance you can search for any number of files with varying size and also files that are in diverse formats like .doc, .html and .xls. You can also protect your privacy by clearing the search history option and this program uses very little of computer options available like space in hard disks and memory. It also promises to provide free updates to those users who have registered themselves.

Thus we can see that Power File Search 2.1 is a utility that is dependable, easy to use and can save a lot of your precious time and so it gets a rating of three and a half points. The application however can benefit from adding more inputs parameters for refining its search process.

Publisher's description

What is Power File Search?
Power File Search (PFS) is a utility for searching files and folders. It's one of the fastest search utilities on the market, it has an intuitive interface that enables you to quickly set your search options, and - last but not least- it really finds the files you are looking for.
What's wrong with the built-in search utility of Windows?
Actually a lot. It is terribly slow, it lacks intuitive and convenient search options and it doesn't find all the files you are looking for.
Have you ever had the experience of searching for that special file containing some particular phrase, a file you were absolutely sure about it was on your system, but Windows did not find it? That's likely because the Windows built-in search utility doesn't search in files with unknown extensions.
Power File Search
Power File Search
Version 2.1
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Joe McGhee
Straight forward tool, and fast.
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